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Barry S. Josephson – a graduate of UCLA and the preeminent University of Michigan Law School – has unequaled experience and expertise in helping both law students and bar applicants (first-timers, repeaters, and out-of-state attorneys) get through some of the most stressful ordeals of their lives: coping with the intimidating, ego-shattering law school process and passing the country’s toughest bar exams.  Mr. Josephson has analyzed the bar examination and law school processes for more than 35 years, and has helped tens of thousands of law students and bar applicants turn their dreams into reality.  Whether a bar applicant or law student needs help in understanding the substantive law, implementing effective exam-taking techniques, or dealing with emotional stresses, Mr. Josephson helps his clients make the kinds of dramatic changes on which success or failure, and serenity or frustration and terror, so often depend.

For 20 years, Mr. Josephson devoted his career to studying virtually every aspect of the law school and bar review processes and to designing and creating the most innovative, effective, and efficient bar review courses and law school study aids ever seen.  As one of the most prolific and well-respected writers of bar review materials and law school study aids in the country, the materials prepared by Mr. Josephson were "bibles" for tens of thousands of students.  Mr. Josephson was also one of the most popular lecturers for two different national bar review courses, lecturing to groups of up to several hundred students at a time at some of the finest law schools throughout California and the rest of the country.  Thus, unlike some self-proclaimed "experts," Mr. Josephson has the intellectual depth, experience, and undisputed expertise – and a long-established, unparalleled track record – needed to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of his assistance and advice.

Today, Mr. Josephson limits his bar review and law school services to working with individual bar applicants and law students on a personal, one-on-one basis.  With no mass markets to conquer, Mr, Josephson has no agenda other than to help each and every person he tutors with his or her specific issues and to help each such person maximize his or her scores.   For the same reason, Mr. Josephson is happy to provide his assistance within the framework of any "traditional" bar review course that his clients may be taking or to design a regimen which is specifically and uniquely tailored to address the specific problems that the particular student or bar applicant seems to be having.

Mr. Josephson is also a practicing lawyer who deals primarily with contracts, leases, and other transactional work and, secondarily with business litigation.  However, he has also handled a wide variety of other matters over the years and still works with other kinds of cases from time to time if they are sufficiently challenging or interesting.   In addition, he also consults with other attorneys who need assistance with particularly difficult cases or issues or with the drafting of particularly important or difficult pleadings and/or discovery.  Mr. Josephson also helps other lawyers by making appearances, taking and defending depositions, conducting legal research, and providing other assistance as his own cases and tutoring permit.