Legal Services

Barry S. Josephson is an imaginative, result-oriented lawyer with outstanding legal skills and judgment and exceptional writing abilities and oral advocacy skills.

Mr. Josephson was admitted to practice law in 1973 and has more than fifteen years’ experience as a full-time practicing lawyer.  For much of the prior twenty years, he had a part-time legal practice while he was devoting the bulk of his professional life to teaching the law and assisting law school students, bar applicants, and practicing lawyers in learning how to analyze and solve legal problems (and teaching law school students how to excel in law school and law school graduates how to pass their bar examinations).

Over the years, Mr. Josephson has handled both litigation and transactional work involving a broad range of commercial, corporate, contract, tort, real estate, and insurance issues.  His practice has tended to focus on highly-contested and/or unusual matters and issues, but, of course, he has considerable experience with relatively “more routine” matters as well.

Mr. Josephson’s current legal practice deals primarily with the following matters:

    • Contracts, leases, and other transactional work


    • Business litigation


  • Providing assistance for other attorneys and law firms, including:
    • Consultation and analysis with respect to highly-complex and/or unusual cases or issues
    • Drafting particularly difficult and/or important pleadings and discovery
    • Handling crucial Law & Motion matters
    • Preparing appellate briefs
    • Appearances
    • Taking and defending depositions
    • Legal research

Mr. Josephson also works with other kinds of cases and provides other kinds of legal services if they are sufficiently challenging or interesting.

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