More about Barry S. Josephson’s Background as a Practicing Attorney

Barry S. Josephson is an experienced, imaginative, and result-oriented transactional lawyer and commercial litigator. He has outstanding legal skills and judgment, maintains excellent rapport with clients (and opposing counsel whenever possible), and exceptional writing abilities and oral advocacy skills.

In the more than fifteen years that Mr. Josephson has spent as a full-time practicing civil attorney (after many years of part-time practice while he was spending most of his professional career working in the bar review and the legal study aids business), Mr. Josephson has been able to take advantage of the exceptional analytical abilities and extremely strong oral and written communications skills that he developed over the many years that he spent as a lecturer and author of legal materials to consistently achieve outstanding results for his clients in his handling of a wide variety of matters. In addition, his considerable practical business experience has often proven to be of very substantial value to his clients.

Mr. Josephson is particularly adept at dealing with highly-contentious matters in an imaginative and (when necessary) aggressive manner for publicly-held corporations, smaller businesses, and individuals. Because of his special abilities, he has frequently been entrusted with the analysis of many of the most difficult, complex, and sophisticated issues that have faced the firms that he has worked for even when he was not otherwise involved with the case. Likewise, Mr. Josephson is frequently asked to prepare the most critical or difficult pleadings and discovery, and/or to handle crucial law and motion matters, in connection with cases being litigated by other attorneys. Of course, Mr. Josephson has also handled many “more routine” cases and issues as well.

Mr. Josephson has had very considerable experience with a broad range of complex business, contract, property, corporate, tort, and employment issues in both the litigation and transactional settings. His experience is particular strong with regard to the following kinds of cases (among others):

    • Contracts of all types, including computer services and distributorship agreements
    • Real property transactions of various types>
    • Loans and restructuring of debts
    • Insurance coverage and related issues
    • Business sales and acquisitions, corporate formation, mergers and acquisitions and other reorganizations, etc.
  • Employment issues, including executive and other employment issues

In addition to the above, Mr. Josephson has engaged in significant litigation and/or transactional work dealing with various specialized areas, including those listed below, working with counsel who specialized in such areas were detailed knowledge was required:

    • Bankruptcy and the automatic stay
    • Environmental contamination
    • Family law, including division of property and prenuptial agreements, conservatorships, trusts, and probate
    • FCC licensing and transfer of FCC licenses
    • Out-of-state and international transactions and litigation
  • Common carriers