After 20 years of designing and implementing courses which were taken by dozens, hundreds, or even thousands or tens of thousands at a time, Mr. Josephson takes a completely different approach in his one-on-one tutoring.  While large bar review courses and even smaller “specialty programs” try to squeeze each of their students into “their” systems, Mr. Josephson tailors specific, highly-individualized programs for each individual tutee.

It’s not that Mr. Josephson has stopped believing in structured programs.  Indeed, for most people, such courses are the most efficient and cost-effective way to get one through the process.  However, Mr. Josephson is acutely aware that not everyone is “most people” and that there are literally thousands who slip through the cracks each year.

The likelihood that doing “what everyone else is doing” is particularly risky for certain kinds of people:

  • Those who have already failed the bar exam on one or more occasions (“repeaters,” whose bar results are traditionally well below those of “first-timers” or “all takers”)
  • Those at or near the bottom of their law school classes
  • Those who went to law schools with traditionally low bar passage rates
  • Those who have been practicing law in another state for years before taking their current bar exam
  • Those who otherwise graduated from law school years before the bar exam that they are taking
  • Those who feel that they are just “out of synch” with the rest of their law school or bar review classmates
  • Those who are particularly uneasy about the process

For these people, the question is (or at least ought to be) whether it makes sense for them to use courses or programs that may have worked for others, but which have not historically worked well for them or people like them.  After all, Albert Einstein is reputed to have defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

The fact that Mr. Josephson doesn’t try to squeeze those with whom he works into pre-existing rigid programs doesn’t mean that he is simply “winging it,” however.  Instead, he has developed methodologies which successfully diagnosis and remedy virtually any type of problem that any individual bar applicant or law school student might have – whether that problem relates to exam-taking skills, substantive law issues, study and retention problems, or any combination of them.