After more failures [on the California Bar Exam] than I care to admit, I was frustrated and confused and my self-image was completely shot.  With Barry’s help, I was finally able to see and overcome the obstacles that had kept me from reaching my dreams for so many years.  It was really hard for me at first, but once I “got it,” the process became a mere exercise, just as Barry had promised.  I will never forget how Barry changed my life forever. – Ruth

Like a lot of law students, my mood during law school and the bar went from supreme confidence to total panic (mostly total panic).  Whenever things got rough, Barry was there for me.  His encyclopedic knowledge helped me whenever I got lost in a particular subject, and his patience and insights helped get me back on an even keel when things were getting too crazy for me.  Thanks to Barry’s help, I got through law school and passed the bar on my first attempt. – Lee

I was really bummed out when I found out that I had not passed the California bar on my first attempt.  The thought of doing it all over again (the long hours of study, the time away from family, etc.) was daunting, and not knowing precisely what to do differently was extremely unsettling.  Do I take an impersonal, “full service” course again, do I do it all on my own, should I mortgage my home and take a high-priced specialty writing course?  I am very thankful that I found Barry.  Barry’s approach is not “canned.”  Instead, he evaluates your strengths and weaknesses and devises a program that is very personal and pertinent to your particular situation and needs.  Barry will challenge your analytical skills, your approach, your writing, your knowledge of the law, etc.   But, most importantly, he will guide you through the difficult waters of preparing for the bar by specifically addressing your particular problem areas and will show you precisely what you are doing wrong and how to make the necessary changes.  Thanks to Barry, I passed the bar on my second try. – Hector

After not passing the [Arizona] Bar exam on the first try, I was worried about the prospect of taking it for the second time and overwhelmed by how much work it would take, especially when I thought I had done well the first time.  Barry taught me the proper techniques in my essay writing that were universal – I applied them to every subject.  Not only that, but he broke it all down to a simple, digestible level where it no longer intimidated me.  Difficult subjects did not seem as difficult and the process seemed doable.  My essay score improved more than I ever imagined that it could.  Not only that, even though we mainly focused on the essays, my MBE score went up dramatically as well just as Barry had predicted; I just knew the law better and it made the multiple choice questions clearer.  Barry knew when and how to motivate, encourage, or drive me to work harder – he was the consummate coach.  As a result, I passed the exam on my second try by a wide margin. – Alex

I always prided myself on my legal writing after having been a litigation paralegal for many years.  After failing the bar two times I went to Barry for help.  His style and technique helped me tremendously and I passed the bar the third time around thanks to Barry. – Susan B

I was seven months pregnant when I called Barry Josephson to get information regarding his tutoring services. I told him what was going on and he supported my decision to take the bar exam even though that meant that my studies would be interrupted while I had my baby less than a month before the exam.  Barry was both my cheerleader and my toughest critic.  He knows what he is doing and can explain how to fix your problem areas three different ways until he is sure you understand.  Barry told me in a bold, direct, no-nonsense manner what I was doing wrong and, most importantly, how to fix it.  I know for a fact I could not have passed the California State Bar Exam without Barry’s tutoring services services that not only got me the letter saying that I passed but gave me the priceless gift of self respect. – Arianne

Mr. Josephson is an excellent tutor.  This was my fourth attempt, and I was wary that he would be able to help me when other tutors and prep companies had failed.  He was able to quickly identify my weaknesses on the MBE and we were able to address those weaknesses in the course of our Skype sessions.  Perhaps the biggest contribution Mr. Josephson made was teaching me the nuances of the test itself.  As many of you know, it’s not enough to simply know the law, but you have to recognize the patterns that the test makers use in writing the test to lead you to the right answer.  Mr. Josephson helped me do exactly that.  I am so grateful for his help, guidance and support.  I truly couldn’t have done it without him. – C.B.

I went to a school that was not accredited by the ABA.  While it is a fine school, I, like many other law graduates, needed extra help with outlining my essay exams.  During our very first session, Barry showed me a way of outlining that “turned the light on” in my head.   Using his methodology, I was able to pass the bar the very first time!  I wish I would have found Barry during my first year of law school.   I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to pass the bar the first time around. Pamela

I just passed the February 2012 bar exam and would not have been able to do so without Barry’s help!  This was not my first time taking this horrific test ( I had taken other bar review courses before), and by the time I started working with Barry, my confidence was pretty much shot.  Yes, there were times that I was frustrated with what  sometimes seemed to be his overly harsh evaluations of my essays, but I eventually realized that Barry was pushing me to write answers that were much better than I thought I was capable of writing so that, by the time I got to the exam, I was able to take it with confidence.  Additionally, Barry was able to answer every substantive law question I had.  In short, Barry’s private tutoring gave me what other courses could not and I would definitely recommend Barry to any future bar exam takers, especially the ones that need assistance with essay writing portion of the exam. R.P.

Barry helped me prepare for my second attempt at the California bar exam.  I have no doubt that had I worked with Barry the first time around, I would not have needed a second attempt.  His instruction methods are straightforward, easy to understand, and effective.  I highly recommend working with Barry to prepare for the bar whether you are a first time or repeat examinee. – Brad

I worked with Barry on my second attempt at the California Bar Exam.  I went to law school out of state, and believe that the first time around I failed to adequately prepare for the written portion of the exam.  Barry was very hard on me at the beginning, but after just a few sessions, I saw how to write “Bar Exam Essays.”  His advice was cruelly simple and easy to apply on test day.  I would recommend Barry to anyone who needs to improve their performance on the written portion of the California Bar Exam. – Rami

Without Barry’s tutoring, I would not have passed the CA Bar exam.  I took Barbri and the course simply did not teach me how to write a passing bar exam answer. Knowing the law is not enough to pass the CA Bar exam; you have to know what the bar examiners are looking for and how to write a passing answer.  Barry not only teaches you the law, but most importantly, how to write a passing bar exam. After studying with Barry, you can walk into the CA Bar exam confident that you have the tools to successfully answer any question the bar examiners throw at you.  I cannot recommend Barry’s services enough.  Not only is he a great teacher, but he is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet. – Micah

After almost 30 years as a successful entertainment lawyer for “above-the-title” clients in London and New York, I knew that it would take time and effort to pass the California Attorneys’ Exam, but I underestimated the enormity of the task.  It was far more difficult than I had expected to re-learn subjects I hadn’t dealt with for years, and I discovered that my approach to essays was devastatingly wrong.  [Mr. Josephson] helped me deal with all of this and plot out a plan that would allow me to relocate my practice to Los Angeles. – William

I was shocked when I failed the bar exam on my first try because I was a hot shot at a first-rate law school and easily saw most of the bar examiner’s tricks.  The next time, I spent a couple of hours working with Barry, and in no time he showed me that while my knowledge and instincts were getting me most of the “hard” points that most students missed, I needed to slow down and be more methodical so that I wouldn’t keep leaving so many “easy” points on the table.   Once I understood this, it was easy to use Barry’s techniques and pass the bar on my second attempt. – Howard

I did well enough in school and thought I understood all of the basic advice that my bar review course had given me.  Still, I failed the Cal Bar the first time I took it.  It was only after I began working with Barry that I realized that I had only listened to what I wanted to hear – advice for doing what was already easy for me instead of learning the additional skills that I needed to get me over the top.   It was scary to make these changes to the writing style that I was used to, but Barry showed me that it wasn’t really all that hard once I got the hang of it.  I never would have made those changes without Barry’s help. – Erica

It seemed silly at the time, but Barry told me that both my essay writing and my approach to the MBE were too defensive and that I needed to approach the Bar Exam as if I was Arnold Schwarzenegger or Clint Eastwood kicking through the door to a room full of bad guys.  When I complained that “that just isn’t me,” Barry gave me a picture of Clint to tape on my mirror!  When I finally got the point and began to use Barry’s advice on practice tests, it all made all the difference in the world!  Suddenly, everything was much easier, and my scores jumped dramatically.  When the exam came, I dressed up like Clint in the picture that Barry had given me – I wore a poncho and beat-up cowboy hat and put on makeup to give me a tough-guy’s five-o’clock shadow.  I got a lot of strange looks, but it gave me confidence and I aced the exam. – Susan S

I met Barry when I was going to take the California Bar Exam for the third time. Whenever I think about this, the first thought that comes to my mind is: “Why didn’t I look for him before the very first bar exam?”  Barry is an amazing tutor. He helped me with the substantive law, with my writing skills and also with my psychological well being for the toughest exam I have ever taken in my life.  He was patient, but at the same time very direct and honest with me about my weakness.  He pushed me to my limits, and even when I thought there was no way to go further, he encouraged me not to give up.  In the end, I walked into the bar exam with confidence and now I can say very proudly that I passed the hardest bar in the country.  I can truly say that Barry’s efforts played a crucial role in my performance in the exam.  I am very grateful for every session that we spent together. – Carla

I was pretty confident throughout law school and while studying for the bar, but it was nice to get “tune-ups” from Barry every now and then to keep me from getting too lazy and to help me sharpen my exam-taking skills.  Barry helped me pass on my first attempt – Daniel

I had always been a good legal writer who did well on law school exams, but I failed the bar exam twice, because I couldn’t finish either the MBE or the essays on time.  Barry helped me understand that I was overanalyzing everything and gave me the confidence I needed to trust my instincts and finish the exam on time.  I passed!   I couldn’t have done it without Barry’s insight and encouragement. – P.K.

I wanted to thank you for your help and guidance in the tutoring sessions.  I really wished we would have had more time, but it’s hard to do on a budget.   I truly believe however, that even those few hours were significant in improving my writing [and helping me pass].  I was able to see the mistakes I was making, because I was in such a hurry to get going, and I was able to be more consistent in my writing. –  Allisson

Mr. Josephson didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear, but told me what I needed to know.  He worked hard with me to help me master the skills that I should have learned in law school (but didn’t). – Mavis

I was doing fine until a last-minute glitch threatened to send me into a tailspin right in the middle of the exam.  I was able to reach Barry on his cell phone, and in just a few minutes he understood exactly what I needed and gave me simple, practical advice which calmed me down and got me right back on track.  With Barry’s help, I passed the California Bar Exam on my first try. – Brett

I wasn’t always the easiest person in the world to work with, but Barry’s incredible knowledge and understanding of both the bar exam and the subjects on it helped me regain my focus and composure whenever I started to fly off into space.  He was extremely patient with me most of the time, but he wasn’t afraid to give me a kick in the backside to get me back on track when that’s what I needed.  When the bar exam finally came, I was totally prepared and totally confident [and I passed on my first attempt].  I’m so thankful that Barry was always, always there for me! – Marla

Barry  was rigorous, thorough and even a tad arcane in the teaching of his Bar Exam process and evaluation of my work.  I must admit that I had to be led to the water and was not inclined to drink, but Barry helped me pass the California Bar Exam [after two prior failures].   Barry is a professional and a [University of Michigan] Wolverine that I would recommend. – Jonathan

Being many years away from law school in Cuba, a regular bar review course was not nearly enough to get me through the Florida Bar Exam. Thanks, Barry, for all your help. – Raul